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Creating an Alliance: We're Strongest Together

Customers and brands count on distributors to help them achieve the best possible pricing for their print, promotional and marketing services needs. Distributors rely on technology partners to provide valuable solutions to assist in offering these services to win and maintain accounts. At the end of the chain, suppliers crave access and opportunity...and help distributors meet end customer needs. With DB Alliance:

  • Distributors can leverage their combined spend along with their peers in the industry to lower costs and increase margins
  • Customers receive market-competitive pricing as jobs are sourced to industry-vetted suppliers
  • Suppliers receive quote requests and job specifications from their various distributor partners in a consistent format, through one common portal
  • Robust supplier profile features help differentiate manufacturers from their competitors, facilitate new distributor-supplier connections, and strengthen existing relationships
  • Everyone benefits from increased efficiency in quoting and order entry processes, less offline communication, and a consistent way of doing business

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DB Alliance arms distributors with critical insights into their supplier base, and provides suppliers long-awaited access into new opportunities. The power of this alliance is that connection. Our technology allows this to happen quickly and easily.

— Anthony Abunassar, Chief Strategy Officer of DemandBridge


Organized + Easy: Distributors Gain Control, Deliver Value

When companies adopt a common set of tools, industry-shared services like Sourcing, Finance and Accounting, and Back Office IT/Integration becomes more achievable. This is where DemandBridge comes in. We firmly believe that the DB Alliance sourcing exchange offers a unique way for distributors and suppliers to come together in one common marketplace, resulting in stronger bottom lines.

  • Smart buying: With DB Alliance, business owners can create approval rules to gain more insight into their users’ buying processes. Rules — and exemptions — are easy to create and can include multiple parameters (number of suppliers solicited, item cost, product type, etc.) to ensure that employees follow smart buying practices.
  • Clear reports and insights: Real-time job tracking and dashboard-style reports — ideal for companies that must comply with contract/guaranteed pricing — allow users to analyze cost savings and buying patterns, and track metrics their clients care about.
  • A single platform: DB Alliance interfaces directly with our proprietary accounting and inventory management solution, DB Distributor, so key information regarding customers, items, suppliers, and orders syncs seamlessly between the two products — eliminating redundancies across systems, and negating the need for third party systems of record and costly integrations.

The goal of our recent consolidation efforts is to better provide the industry with the technology platforms and services they need to successfully compete and to run their businesses. To the extent our 600 customers can standardize on the same tools, offering industry-shared services like Sourcing, Finance and Accounting, Back Office IT/Integration and end Client on-boarding services (e.g. eCommerce site/template building) becomes more achievable. Better to have their Back Office taken care of by someone solely focused on those activities. This sourcing exchange is a good example.

— David Rich, Chairman + CEO of DemandBridge

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Take control of the the procurement of the good and services you sell with DB Alliance

DemandBridge is the leading provider of software and technology to the print distribution industry. With our customers’ annual combined purchasing power now over $1 billion in print related sales, we’re laser focused on helping our clients to deliver cost savings to their customers and drive greater profits through more effective and efficient purchasing. Real-time data replication between our back of office accounting and order management system and DB Alliance results in less redundant data entry, so you can spend more time on the activities that drive your business. No other third-party software application provides this level of integration.

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Distributors who want to grow their businesses need more than they have received over the past few years. They crave technology that’s innovative and customizable. That is where DemandBridge comes in.

- Scott Lattanzio, President/Managing Partner for Winbrook