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Marketing technology with best-in-breed editing controls

At its core, our eCommerce technology provides the necessary functions to facilitate the basic ordering workflow. Users arrive at a brand-specific site where their permissions dictate what they see and how it is presented. Regulatory measures may be employed for business rules during customization, asset management, or approvals for title compliance, budget, etc. Integrations simplify steps from single sign-on to data imports, or order processing from partner networks. Some of these essential components are now expected by the user base. DemandBridge challenges our team to evaluate new solutions to supplement these foundational pieces, and we look to technology leaders whose products we can incorporate to stay cutting-edge. Our strategy is to remain at the forefront of this evolution, and to continue to integrate with premier providers where appropriate. All the while, we’ll help you to transform your digital marketing ecosystem.

Give your end users the independence they crave

DB Commerce is an eCommerce product created to streamline the branding and distribution of your company’s marketing materials. We focus on making commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products. Today, merchants use our platform to manage every aspect of their business—to quickly and easily buy physical goods, customize collateral, download assets, and generate digital content.

On a micro level, this means employees, franchise managers, sales reps, local marketing staff, and more can simply log in, choose from pre-approved marketing materials, customize templates with predetermined business rules, and order print and promotional materials—while corporate maintains control over the brand. On a macro level, DB Commerce provides the built-in control you need to monitor and control access, expenditures, and usage, while maintaining brand consistency and assuring legal compliance.

Business intelligence like never before

Go from data to insights in minutes.

Any data, any way, anywhere. And all in one view.

On-demand reporting has been a long time need of our clients, and is now possible because of our move to Microsoft Azure. Users want current data at their fingertips at all times, and the trend has been to deliver that in convenient dashboards that provide key figures to share with stakeholders, with drill down for further details as needed. A version of DB Commerce data is now replicated to a database in the Azure cloud which is accessible to Power BI. Other independent data will eventually be able to live alongside this DB/e data for dashboards that provide insight across systems for a single consolidated view. We’ve begun creating the first set of usage reports constructed in Power BI using a dashboard that showcases visualizations for total spend, order count, items ordered, and shipment summary. Each element offers the option to drill down into one or more detailed views for further analysis.

New DB Commerce mobile capability

Have access to your storefront no matter where you are with our new DB Commerce Mobile Responsive capability. This first iteration of our Mobile Responsive eCommerce interface was designed with the critical user path and most commonly used features in mind, though we fully expect to continue adding new improvements and functionality as adoption increases. The key areas developed during this initial pass at a mobile workflow include:

  • Login
  • Homepage
  • Catalog access
  • Search
  • Item Detail & Customization pages
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Order Confirmation
  • Order History

DemandBridge is known for delivering cutting edge technology to our customers and this latest capability is no exception. With some of the most transformative enhancements to our flagship eCommerce solution in years, we’re excited to share these improvements with our customers. While these improvements are specific to DB Commerce, this site design and functionality will be the basis of a new Mobile Responsive version of EQ Commerce, coming soon!

Promo workflow

Key Benefits:

  • Consolidated Item Detail View
  • Flexible Variant Configuration
  • Efficient Batch Ordering
  • Intelligent Volume Pricing Across Cart Contents
  • Robust Media Library and Tagging System
  • Detailed Shopping Cart Summary
  • Modernized Site/Item Administration

 Modernized Site/Item Administration:

  • Updated Distributor Admin interface.
  • Items can be configured, assigned to catalogs, and dynamically created in your back-office system right from DB Commerce, bringing essential functions under one roof.
  • Promo Item setup “wizard” guides administrators through each phase of setup, offering previews of end user experience along the way.
  • Intelligent item creation streamlines effort to setup individual products for each possible variant configuration.

Brand control

Take control of your site from the theme, all the way through to the ordering process. Put content in the hands of field users while enforcing business rules, asset management, and approval workflows. Enabling marketing partners and sales reps with access to customize and co-brand content sounds like a great idea in theory but in practice could lead to some pretty scary outcomes without the right controls in place. With DB Commerce, you can maintain your brand integrity while providing customizable, multi-channel marketing support. Enforcing brand guidelines can feel like tough love, but we make it painless. Start by modifying the look of your eCommerce shop to match your brand. Then build templates and control elements right down to the content and positioning of individual frames. Lock what you like, or even lock it all and use variable data to avoid editing errors.

Advanced editor features

If you're looking for an online document editing solution to grow your business and please your users, DB Commerce is the perfect fit. Our online tools allow you, your sales and marketing teams, channel partners-virtually anyone across your enterprise, to customize content on-demand from your brand templates and content with built-in controls to maintain your brand consistency and assuring compliance. As a marketer, DB Commerce makes it easy to create templates that protect your brand, even with an inexperienced user in the driver’s seat, and it allows localized marketing where needed to take the load off marketing departments for every request. Users feel at home immediately with our intuitive interface; click, then edit text, images, pulldown suggested content or from a database and see changes in your documents in real-time.

Editor includes:

  • Full in-place editing of copy and images
  • Implemented brand standards for fonts and graphics
  • Access approved images, logos or graphics from our DAM system

Digital editor creation + output

Go beyond a simple PDF for print output. Give your users the latest offerings using best-in-class tools. Customize, preview, and distribute beautiful emails, flipbooks, and basic image output. Our online editing solution packs the punch of a professional layout tool into your solution. It integrates easily into your store and is fully customizable to match both your brand and your users’ editing needs.

Empower your users to obtain customized marketing content within brand standards:

  • Brand management: Customer portals with permission scheme to guide feature and catalog/item access
  • Fully integrated data: Real-time inventory, automated order processing and tracking
  • Customization: Best in class editor for unique content creation through templates, business rules, and asset selection
  • Connected systems: Single sign-on, Punchout, API integrations (such as and Silverpop), and XML transformations
  • Digital distribution: Outputs beyond print including HTML email, ipbooks, and resizable ads
  • Spending accounts: Predetermined budgets, user-specific or shared summary view of spend, and reload rules
  • Asset Library: All file types, unique metadata, search, reporting, permissions, and use within customization
  • Reporting: Dashboard highlights, drill-down detail, usage summary (items, users, locations), and export function

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Allowing our managers to update collateral with pre-loaded, customizable content eliminates the need for multiple requests through corporate. Everything is at their fingertips

- Tilea Terry, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Mid-America Apartment Communities